The initial sparks of inspiration for Valthea:I Read People came from two of C.K.’s childhood memories. She grew up near Venice, Florida, the former winter home of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, and she loved listening to stories of the “intuitive” great-grandmother she never met.

Thirty years later, C.K.’s story ideas rekindled after watching a performance of Circus Sarasota featuring the legendary and beautiful aerialist, Dolly Jacobs-Reis and the world-famous daredevil clown, Bello Nock, and other circus artists.

C.K. wrote Valthea’s story while interviewing performers, crew, and coaches. She also referenced her seventeen year background in the entertainment industry, including dancing for Disney’s Hollywood Studios and teaching dance to children and teens.

Sarasota, Florida is the backdrop for C.K.’s life where she enjoys the gulf beaches, volunteering for the Circus Arts Conservatory and church groups, and conjuring up her second book inspired by the superstars of circus families, both real and imagined. 

Author: C. K. Mallick